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Interior design, in witch you want to LOVE

Development of IDEAL LAYOUTS for a comfortable life


                      Creation of HARMONY AND COZINESS                       

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"I will make it easier for you to choose, help you see the overall picture of the interior and create functionality and harmony."


Oksana Butman is an established interior designer and furniture designer based in Moscow. Since 2008, she has specialized in high quality, classic, and sophisticated interiors. She is also a qualified and experienced art vendor trading thoughtfully selected pieces for her discerning clients.
Butman's vision of interior design includes the idea of making cross-cultural allusions. Her designs combine different textures and finishes to create comfortable, harmonious, elegant and warm spaces - the kind of homes that make you smile when you walk into them.
Her portfolio spans Europe, the UK and Russia, and her interior designs have been featured in major publications such as 25 Beautiful Homes (UK), INTERIOR+DESIGN, InteriorsTheBEST, The Beautiful Apartments, HOUZZ, INMYROOM. She became a Finalist in London International Creative Competition in 2021.
Oksana Butman is a member of the Association of Interior Designers and Decorators of Russia (ADDI).


  • Interior Designer's Business School

Certificate, 2022

  • University for the Creative Arts

Graduate Diploma in Art, Design and Media, 2021

  • Interior Design School Details Moscow

Interior designer, 2007 – 2008

  • Moscow State Aviation Institute (Technical University)

Systems Engineer, 1988 – 1995

  • The Advanced Educational Scientific Center (faculty) – Kolmogorov’s boarding school of Moscow State University, 1987 – 1988

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